Meet the Team

When investigating reports of possible paranormal activity, it takes people with a specific skill set and mentality. A combination of skepticism and belief, a passion for finding facts, using logic with critical thinking. Keeping calm under stressful situations. An innate compassion for people, and an endless supply of curiosity. Our team members are those people, each of them also has been through a comprehensive GPI paranormal training program.

If you would like more information about what you can expect on an investigation, visit our What to Expect page.

Aaron Le Good – Co-Director

Aaron Le Good's headshot

I have always had a curiosity for the paranormal. My career started in 2016 when I started volunteering at a convention here in Atlanta. Since then, I have investigated several locations from private homes to well known haunted locations. At investigations, I use modern paranormal equipment as well as my own intuition to obtain evidence. With my previous training and background, I bring skills in investigating that assist me in finding answers for clients.

Philip R. Wyatt – Co-Director

I am an experienced Paranormal Researcher, and Investigator with a passion for solving mysteries by using critical thinking to discover and define the facts. I combine my beliefs in the afterlife along with my gifts as a Medium, working together with science and, Technology to establish the connection and communication between the living and Spirit. I believe sometimes you may need to think “outside the box” when working in the paranormal field. The world of the unexplainable does not always follow our perceived Earthly “scientific” methods.

 I have owned and operated a Hair Salon in Atlanta for over twenty years.

Michelle Barker

My abilities as a psychic medium started at the age of 5.  This gift runs in my family and has been traced back to my great, great grandmother.  My daughter Kathy is also a psychic medium, and part of the team. 

I like many other people, kept this gift a secret for fear of ridicule and judgment. I didn’t even share it with my immediate family.  As time passed, I could no longer keep it to myself as I was being followed by spirits who wanted to convey a message.  In 2015, I decided that I could no longer deny my gift and have been involved with documented paranormal investigations of homes and businesses ever since. 

I am originally from Huntsville AL. but have lived most of my life in Georgia.  I am a mother of four and spend everyday life working as an environmental data services manager at an engineering firm in Kennesaw, GA.  I have been there for 33 years and have even helped fellow employees out with their paranormal concerns over the last few years.  I use my Christian faith to help guide me along this journey of helping people navigate life and death.  My goal is to help the living and the dead find peace and rest.

Stephanie Elgaydi

My interest in the paranormal started when I was at a young age and experienced things I could not explain. This started me on my journey to discovering the truth, finding answers, and helping others who may be experiencing the same. I am a longtime native to Atlanta Georgia with roots all over the world.

Derek Graham

I am an explorer, scholar, and a believer. I am always looking to experience something new from all walks of life. I am a forever student always looking to learn new things to improve myself. From firsthand experience I believe in the paranormal, my objective is to keep learning about the subject while helping others that need answers and clarity. I am in the USA Airforce Reserve, with an education in Telecommunications with a career as an Electronics Repair Technician.

James King

I grew up in Maryville TN. and moved to Georgia in 2000. My experience with the paranormal began when I was young. My family and I had two UFO/UAP sightings. These sightings sent me on a path to learn as much as I could about the paranormal and unexplainable events that were being experienced by people. I have spent many nights in the woods searching for cryptids as well as investigating haunted locations, but my area of expertise is investigating UFO/UAPs. I have been a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for many years and I am currently a certified field investigator for the organization. I enjoy doing research and on site investigations in order to hopefully get answers to these unexplainable events.

Kelly Ladd

I have always had a “Sixth Sense” but most of the time kept things to myself for fear of my family (especially when I was younger) would think I was crazy. Ever since I can remember, I have had “visitors” come to me in the middle of the night from the other side.  Some I consider my guardian angels when in need of comfort or support of some type. My first experience with unexplainable events was when I around 13 years old when my family was living in a rental house during the construction of our family home. We called this the house on 27th Street.  Many strange things happened in that house. After living in this house for several months, it was obvious that my 6th sense would be a constant reminder that I would always be a witness to unexplainable things. Because of this the paranormal has intrigued me and is a part of my life forever . 

Simon Le Good

I have always been a bit of a tech head, and when my wife said that she was starting a paranormal investigation team I naturally fell into the role of resident tech on the team. Outside of the technology functions on the team I also tend to be more of a skeptic. It’s not that I don’t believe in the paranormal, as I have had my own unexplained experiences, I just like to exhaust all options before resorting to an explication of ghosts.

Michelle Panyik

I have been in the paranormal field for 6 years. I love to visit locations with a Haunted lore and exploring historic cemeteries. I have also lived in homes where I experienced paranormal activity which stirred my curiosity of the paranormal. Traveling and learning about new places is a passion.

I started purchasing paranormal equipment when I lost a loved one in 2015 and was looking for answers to deal with my grief, believe it or not it helped me tremendously. I try to help people discover and understand what is happening to them in their haunting situation. More than anything I just like to help people in need.

Gerry Tosone

I was born and grew up in Nashville TN. But have lived in Atlanta for over 35 years. I come from a long family lineage of Sensitives and family members with abilities which was a common understanding between us.  I thought a good way to use my gifts to care for people was to earn a Nursing degree from University of TN.  Growing up in my family I had always been aware of the paranormal world but wanted to know more and answer the question how it is all possible.  This desire has led me to be a Paranormal Investigator for many years. I am happy to now be a part of GPI .

Amie Watkins

I live in NW GA and have been a paranormal investigator since 2019, when I became the location photographer on a paranormal investigation team .I am proud and excited to now be a member of the GPI family. My journey into the world of life after death started when I suddenly lost my parents 6 months apart and wanted proof there is a life beyond this one. I work diligently to logically debunk events as I want undisputable proof the event is related to the paranormal beyond any doubt I may have.

Victoria Woolf

Victoria Woolf, A Georgia born native has had firsthand experience with the paranormal from an early age. Months after my grandfather passed an apparition of his younger self visited me. This awakened my curiosity in the afterlife and learning how and if it would be possible to contact the spirit world. From there grew the desire to research all things paranormal. This led me to acquire the skills needed to become a paranormal investigator.