What to Expect

The Investigation Procedure:

Once you contact us with your interest in a consultation You will be asked to fill out our very essential Client Interview Questionnaire. To provide you with the best outcome, it is extremely crucial you answer all questions thoroughly and truthfully. Please note that the private details shared by recipients of investigations are guarded with the utmost care and respect.

Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we will contact you by phone to arrange a date and time to discuss your case. We prefer a Virtual meeting (i.e., Zoom, Facetime). Which may be recorded for reference. 

After evaluating your situation, if an On-Site Investigation is needed, we will ask you to give us approximately three Choices of dates to schedule the investigation depending on team member availability. If the case appears to be urgent or involving children, we will proceed with it quickly.

On investigation day the team will arrive had the set time. The team leader and lead investigator well greet you and have you give us a tour of the location and discuss any new events that may have happened since our consultation. After our walk through the rest of the team will be unloading and unpacking our equipment into the location. We ask that you provide us with a pre-determined spot in the home, usually a kitchen table to use as our equipment station. After our walk through of the property we will have you sign any additional forms needed. 

We suggest for safety reasons that all pets be removed from the investigation area for the duration of our visit if possible.

The Following procedure is subject to change depending on the nature of the investigation.

We prefer for the first half of our investigation that all residents of the location leave the property. This allows us to have a completely controlled environment to collect data using our most sensitive equipment. 

We will contact you by cell phone to inform you that it is time to come back and join us for the second half of the investigation. We may ask you to conduct some simple experiments with us.  At this point we can see if your presence has any bearing on a change in activity. 

At the conclusion of the investigation, we will inventory and repack equipment, do a final walkthrough of the location and make sure we leave your property in order.

 We collect a lot of data including hours of audio and video recordings from many devices. To carefully and thoroughly review all the data takes time. Our team members do have jobs, families, and obligations, so it may take up to six weeks for your final report completed. 

Depending on the evidence collected the report will either be Emailed to your or we will schedule a Virtual meeting to discuss the report and evidence.  

Receiving your final report does not mean that our relationship ends, we at  Georgia Paranormal Investigations will always be available to assist you again should the need arise.

To get started with an investigation, please complete our Client Questionnaire.

Does Georgia Paranormal Investigations Use Psychic Mediums and Sensitives in our investigations?

Yes, we do. We are proud to have Investigators on our team who possess these remarkable gifts.  Sensitives and Mediums can sense paranormal activity in different ways. A Medium may see the spirit, what they look like, what they are doing, and obtain information telepathically from the Spirit.  A Sensitive may feel the spirit’s emotions or receive impressions through feeling varying energies from the structure itself. they work in concert with each other and with any evidence we collect.

During the initial walk-through of the location, one or more of the GPI Sensitives will go through the location, taking notes on any impressions they receive.  After the walk-through, the Sensitive investigators will share their notes with one another to verify their impressions. If any of their impressions match, and when their impressions match client experiences, we know which areas of the location to target with our equipment. During the investigation, the GPI team will also focus on the areas that are active for the client.  When we present our report to the client, we only include our sensitives’ impressions if they happen to match any evidence that was found. 

 We believe that our Mediums and Sensitives have enriched our paranormal experiences and findings with all our investigations.